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As a dually qualified architectural planning consultant and architectural design technician, I offer comprehensive planning advice and submissions, along with CAD designs for a diverse range of construction projects, including residential, agricultural, and commercial project proposals. While operating as a small practice, I personally guide clients through projects such as extensions, houses, and small commercial inquiries including all structural requirements. Additionally, I actively participate in larger projects, particularly when there's a demand for specialised design-related planning input. In my capacity as an architectural designer and planning consultant, I also specialise in renewable energy installations, primarily focusing on residential projects, especially those involving planning challenges. I have taken numerous projects through to the building stage. As both an architectural planner and designer, it's fulfilling to witness the implementation of the projects I get through planning and into construction.

Consultation Request
STAGE 1 - Project Evaluation & Brief Strategy - Acknowledgement of the client’s proposed requirements and any constraints within the proposed development. - Identifying the project delivery procurement methods. - Design brief detail. - To identify any third-party consultants that will be engaged in the project. This is held at our office at either of our locations or on site at your property.
STAGE 2 - A full architectural measured design survey of your existing property will include all structures (inside and out), services such as gas, water and electricity into the property from the road, under & above ground drainage, boundaries and neighbouring properties. - The production of scaled 1:100 or 1:50 scale elevation and plan drawings for the existing property will be necessary for stage 3 (concept design according to brief) and your planning application in stage 4. Price for stage 2 - Please enquire as all projects are very different.
STAGE 3 - Initiation of the design brief into two options outlined drawings (2 options). - Preparation of outline proposals adequate for contractors to gain estimated build costs etc. Price for stage 3 -Please enquire as all projects are very different.
STAGE 4 - The collaboration of all design options into the final draft of the project brief. - Preparation of detailed proposals, to planning application & presentation standard. Price for stage 4 - Please enquire
STAGE 5 - Optional - The delivery of detailed project plans, adequate for the application of building regulations from your local authority. - The delivery of isometric detail to enable the client to visualise every aspect of the project and from any perspective. - The production of final plans to be used to obtain tenders for the construction. Guide price for stage 5 - from £800.00 Prices are based on average sized extension of a 402 meter requirement and average project detail.

Recent Work

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Architectural Design – Planning & Build – Wield – Hants

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Design & Build – Upper Hale Road, Farnham

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Project Manage – Design & Build Disabled Annex & New Kitchen – Hindhead Surrey

Kitchen Design & Disabled Adaptations

Garage In Alresford – Project Management & Build


Meet your designer

Gary White

Architectural Design & Planning Specialist

Gary is the senior design consultant at Alresford Design & Build Ltd. His goal is to create beautiful usable spaces for your home.  He uses a set of architectural rules that insures you the client successfully achieve a build design making your living space a visual pleasure, whilst addressing functionality and value for money.

Gary has an extensive experience in design, structural engineering and construction, where his earlier work experience ranges from larger commercial projects such as Brighton Marina, The Grand Hotel Brighton, The Tower of London and Harrods of London thereafter moving directly into design and residential construction.  More recently his own company offers a design, planning and renewable energy focussed practice, a detailed project management service, and a build and refurbishment service predominantly to residential properties in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

Gary is always looking to evaluate your goals and fulfil your requirements through design and project delivery criteria.

Reputation through integrity &

Exceptional design skills come standard with every project.

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What Our Clients Say

We had Alresford Design and Build Ltd project managed and delivered renovation to the outside of our three story town house in ST Cross Winchester. The first comment that should be made is that the skilled men were in every way friendly, sympathetic, cooperative and fun: the second is that the attention to detail went far beyond our most optimistic expectations. Nothing was too much trouble, everything about their approach was designed to produce an excellent product with minimal intrusion to us and maximum commitment from them. Whenever inevitable unforeseen extra work was required we were shown the problem area, with the ensuing discussion making clear the alternatives and approximate costs. Whenever we asked for some comparatively small extra to be undertaken (at no extra cost) the answer was always “no problem”. At the end Gary undertook a complete survey of the work and compiled a snagging list himself, which was attended to without delay. It is a great relief to find a designer/builder/project manager who, without equivocation, one can trust and with whom one is comfortable with, particularly with an expensive project of lengthy duration. They could not have been better: we cannot have been happier.

Anne and Julian Havil-Jameson

Gary and his team took on this very challenging project with the very least amount of hesitation. Working with Gary on the design was a pleasurable experience. He listened to me as the client and followed the client brief. Every stage was thoroughly planned before any work was undertaken. Joining a new build home to an existing ancient wall was only thought by us as a pleasant possibility. Gary project managed his team, and with their engineering backgrounds seemed to manage this task with ease. At no time did I ever worry that the project was going to overrun or be over budget. I would unconditionally recommend Gary with any project of this size. Many thanks to Gary for his attention to detail and his teams effort too.

New Build

Gary project managed his team who completed our garden room on time and on budget. I worked closely with Gary in choosing the best materials and he was always ready to listen to my requests as the project developed and we changed a few things along the way. I am particularly delighted with the flint and brick walls, we choose the reclaimed bricks from a local supplier and some of the flints were rescued from the excavation into chalk for the floor slab. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary for a quality job, especially where extensions to an existing older property are required, and a variety of trades are needed. A super job, we are delighted with the end result.

John Mobley

Gary built a larger-than double garage on a very restricted site with no complaints. He also replaced a slate roof on another building (housing 2 shops) which was in danger of collapse and dealt with a damp problem both internally and externally. I was shown, either personally, or via photographs, the before, during or after of the work undertaken, The standard of the work was very high and the feedback from the passing public was excellent. Other work came in on budget and time. Gary’s ability to get on with everyone was vital and much appreciated. He is a very conscientious contractor and insists on high standards from those he employs. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to anyone.

Sally Giles

Gary is honest and considerate to the clients needs. He keeps to the quotation (unless I specified extra work during the process) and is punctual. He project managed his own team and built a large extension to my house in Hindhead Surrey, the quality of which was to a high standard, adapted areas in the main house for a disabled member of the family and recently converted a family bathroom into a wet room. He is a good communicator and I would have no hesitation at all in recommending him.

Jacqui Walewska